Adventure Punch Pass

15 - 20 Different Activities Everyday!

  • Never expire year after year! 
  • Transferrable within immediate family (i.e. only get one punch pass per family for cost savings).
  • May be used towards any day at camp. 
  • Optionally signup separately to add Full Day Trips such as Paintball, Zip & Slip, Rafting, and Day Camping Trips. *Different policy for 2020, see Covid Policies.
  • Each pass is non-renewable. If you need to add more days during the summer, you will need to get another adventure pass. 
  • Tiered pricing structure lowers cost with the more days you sign up for. 
  • In order to reserve days during the summer, first must have punch pass days in your account.
  • **COVID19 PROTOCOLS**  Please note, for 2020 we are required to have campers sign up for the entire week and we will not mix groups, counselor(s), vehicle(s) for that week.  So when reserving days, you will need at least 5 punch pass days for each camper/week you would like to attend.  Thus, a 1 day punch pass is of no use this year.  We highly recommend calling us before enrolling this year (970.718.6007) so we can discuss the adjusted activity schedules and camp experience (i.e. we are not allowed to provide lunch this year).  Camp will be awesome, we are confident of that, but we like to avoid all surprises by speaking with each parent.   Go camp!!!
Please Note:
In normal years, the following is our policy (for 2020 we require a weeklong enrollment).  The following is included only for informational purposes for normal years: In order to maintain each camper's special experience and our capacity limit per day, we ask that you please let us know what dates you plan to attend via your online account. Like always, if camp is not full for a given day, you are welcome to drop in without notice. However, we expect about 4 weeks throughout the summer to fill up so please reserve your space if it looks to be a busy day (you can see how many spaces are remaining at the reservations page). You may cancel reservations until 48 hours prior to the reservation date. 

Tiered pricing lowers the cost per pass. The more you buy, the lower the price per pass.

Select Number of Punch Passes

  • 1 Day ($159/day) - $159.00
  • 5 Days ($144/day) - $720.00
  • 10 Days ($139/day) - $1,390.00
  • 20 Days ($129/day) - $2,580.00
  • 30 Days ($119/day) - $3,570.00
  • 60 Days ($109/day) - $6,540.00