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Zip & Zorb Tuesdays: Full-Day Trip OPTION (age 7+) - Totally Optional and offered as an addition to regular camp activities

Zip and Zorb

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Zip! Check out our quarter mile gravity zip-line up at 8K ranch. This is a full day activity to the sleepaway camp for Zip and Zorb day. Campers get transported to 8K Ranch where they will spend the full day with lunch provided. We are unsure if this is the longest of it’s kind in Colorado, but certainly seems so. Engineers and builders have designed the zip-line to soar past the sleepaway bunk areas, over two valleys, and through an Aspen forest before coming to a gentle stop a quarter mile later. You only need to be brave to step off of the launch platform – after that, gravity does all the work!

Zorb! Aqua-zorbing originated in New Zealand. The activity centers around an enormous inflatable Zorb ball that is filled with a small amount of water. A camper then enters the Zorb ball before it is sent down the downhill zorbing track. Inside the ball, the camper slides like on a water slide as the ball makes it’s way down the hillside track. It is almost impossible to explain how fun the activity is without trying it! This is an all day activity combined with zip-lining up at 8K Ranch, the home of Ajax Sleepaway. Campers will be transported to the ranch and lunch will be provided there.

This is an optional full-day trip activity that can be added to your enrollment on Tuesdays. The cost listed is in addition to your regular daily attendance. AGES 7+


  • Full-day Zip and Zorb activity price including lunch and equipment: $35.00

Price: $35.00 ($35.00 per pass)

Zip & Zorb Full Day Trip