Ajax Adventure Camp

Cowboy Paintball Thursdays: Full-Day Trip Option (age 8+) - Totally Optional and offered as an addition to regular camp activities


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Cowboy Paintball will be offered Thursdays (must be 8 yrs +) and is run by Colorado Cowboy Paintball, LLC. Limited space each Thursday for cowboy/cowgirl paintball at Ajax Sleepaway located at 8K Ranch. Drop-off is still at 9:00 AM at the Aspen Middle School and Pickup at 5:00 PM. Lunch provided of course.

This is an optional full-day trip activity that can be added to your enrollment on Thursdays. The cost listed is in addition to your regular daily attendance.

Please wear long sleeves, long pants, and closed toed shoes. Extra waiver will be required upon checkin on Thursday for paintball run by Colorado Cowboy Paintball, LLC. Mask, paint, markers, CO2 all provided. If desire extra padding, please bring your own.


  • Full-day paintball activity price including lunch and equipment: $35.00

Price: $35.00 ($35.00 per pass)

Cowboy Paintball