Ajax Adventure Camp

Add-on Punch Pass

Add-on Punch Pass

The add-ons for 2017 are: Tuesday - Cowboy Paintball, Wednesday - White Water Rafting and Thursday Zip/Zorb day. These activities are optional and offered in addition to the large variety of activities offered every day!

Tuesday: Cowboy Paintball Day - An all day trip for Cowboy Paintball at Ajax Adventure Camp's Sleepaway Ranch Camp location. Dropoff is still at 9:00 AM at the Aspen Middle School and pickup is at 5 PM. Lunch and all equipment is provided. Ages 8+

Wednesday: Rafting - An all day trip down to the Colorado river run by Blue Sky Adventures on class III rapids. Ages 7+

Thursday: Zip/Zorb Day - An all day trip up the the Ajax Sleepaway Ranch to ride the quarter mile zip-line and ride our aqua-zorb course inside a giant water Zorb ball. This is almost impossible to explain, but wildly fun!

To use an add-on to go on any of the Add-on adventures, you will use an add-on in addition to your punch pass. All add-on activities have limited capacity, so please reserve in the reservation system.

Price: $35.00 ($35.00 per add-on)