Ajax Adventure Camp

Add Campout or Glampout (age 7+)

Add Campout or Glampout (age 7+)

Images for: Overnight: August 3-4 - Glamping

Add overnight camping or glamping trip (Friday night - Saturday) to your Week Package(s) or Punch Pass Enrollment. Camper must be 7 or older.

If you are interested in our 2 night and 6 night sleepaway camp, please visit www.ajaxsleepaway.com after completing the checkout process for day camp.

We alternate each week between regular camping (set-up tents, create your campsite, play games in the wilderness) and glamping (enjoy the comforts of pre-built platform tents, a kitchen area, and the activities of Ajax Sleepaway located at 8K Ranch). While on the wilderness camping trips, the theme is Iron Chef and Survival Skills. For the glamping trips, campers get a sneak peak into the life of Ajax Sleepaway at 8K Ranch (surrounded by awesome activities and national forest above Reudi Reservoir).

Explore the outdoors for a night, learn skills to live in nature, build a campfire, perfect s'more roasting, and participate in the games and challenges for the given campout’s theme.

If you are using a punch pass, please reserve the Friday of your camping trip night. All campers will arrive at 9:00 AM Friday morning, participate in a morning activity at day camp, and then depart for their camping destination after lunch. Camping trips return for pickup at the Aspen Middle School by 12:30 on Saturday. Last year, most of the camping trips filled to capacity, so please plan ahead and reserve your campout. Ages 7+

Price: $120.00 ($120.00 per campout)