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Day Camping Fridays

Day Camping Fridays

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Join us on a full day Day Camping trip! Campers will try their hand at building fires, making shelters, tracking animals and cooking lunch over a campfire! Lunch is provided, but campers will get their hands dirty participating in a standing camp tradition of Iron Chef. Teams of three or four will have to come up with an appetizer, entree, and dessert. However, each item must include the secret ingredient! Past secret ingredients have included: chocolate, cheerios, lemons, potatoes, onions, etc. Each one of these trips helps campers earn their camping badge!

Please note: Because this activity is located above Lenado. This full-day activity is offered once per week. We ask that you, please reserve a space online for Day Camping below if you would like to participate.

If you are interested in our 2 night and 6 night sleepaway camp, please visit www.ajaxsleepaway.com after completing the checkout process for day camp.

Price (10% off until March 31st!): $38.00 $34.20 ($34.20 per campout)